About LABiTec

We develop analytical instruments required in the laboratory diagnostics around the world – from experience, with competence, by experts and with the highest quality standards.

LABiTec®  LAbor BioMedical Technologies GmbH has been providing market oriented and high quality diagnostic solutions for efficient and reliable diagnostics for more than 30 years. Today LABiTec® is one of the world´s most recognized providers in in-vitro diagnostics with a focus on hemostasis and platelet function diagnostics.


Quality starts with the idea! Our development, design and adaptation specialists have extensive know how and many years of experience in the development of our analytical instruments and associated consumables. In addition to the LABiTec® product line this alliance creates customized system designs exclusively for our customers.


LABiTec® has extensive production sites and is known as a holistic provider in this critical area of in-vitro diagnostics. Intensive business relationships with specialized production partners and our understanding of compliance and improvement of quality management ensures a continuous, high-quality manufacturing of our product range – “Made in Germany”.


Our analytical systems and consumables provide and support specialists in the clinical laboratory diagnostics all over the world. We offer our products over a worldwide network of distributors or by strategic OEM and private label partnerships.